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Mansfield Students Get Lesson in Financial Reality

Apr 20, 2016 05:03PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Texas Trust hosted a Reality Fair for high school students at the Phoenix Academy as part of National Financial Literacy Awareness month.

Approximately 100 students participated. Each was assigned a vocation or profession and given

Students at Financial Reality Fair

 an annual salary. They visited 11 stations where they had to make decisions about real life purchases such as renting an apartment, buying cable and phone service, insurance, groceries, etc. Each student also spun the “Wheel of Reality”, which included financial setbacks such as having to buy a new tire or pay for a speeding ticket, as well as financial bonuses, such as receiving a cash gift for their birthday. 

At the end of the session students met with credit counselors to discuss their financial situation and learn about other decisions they could have made to improve their monthly budget.

Attached are two pictures from the event. One picture shows students visiting the utility station where they had to make decisions about the type of cable, phone, and utility services they might need. The second photo shows a student calculating her budget during her counseling session.

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