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Helados Handcrafted Ice Cream and Pops: Top 6 Most Popular Flavors

May 27, 2016 01:04PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Popsicle selection at Helados.

At Helados Handcrafted Ice Cream And Pops, bringing sweet treats and delicious snacks is the mission.

"Helados" means ice cream in Spanish, and that flair is evident in their unique and plentiful flavors. Check out their most popular ice cream and popsicle flavors below!

Top Ice Cream Flavors

1) Cream Cheese & Berry: A creamy mix of tart and sweet.

2) Cookies & Cream: A classic flavor that needs no explanation.

3) Mexican Vanilla: A unique flavor of cinnamon and vanilla, and is actually yellow in color!

Top Popsicle Flavors

Sandia con Chile
1) Strawberry: Not only is this popsicle strawberry, but it's dipped in hard-shelled chocolate. 

2) Coconut: This popsicle is also dipped in chocolate, but then rolled onto crushed Oreos. 

3) Watermelon: This tangy popsicle has a little kick -- chile is added into the mix! 

Helados also has other tasty treats, such as their Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, which is another popular indulgence. For a healthier sweet treat, they offer tasty fruit cups that satisfy that sweet tooth just as successfully. 

They also have more savory options, such as Corn on the Cob, Nachos, and Tacos. 

To view the full menu, head to their website

If this hasn't left your mouth drooling, I'm not sure what will! 

Helados Handcrafted Ice Cream And Pops is located on 1007 E Broad Street in Mansfield. Stop by today for a tasty treat! 

Photos courtesy of the Helados Facebook Page.

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