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Mansfield Magazine's Back-to-School Guide

Jul 15, 2016 05:51PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
As we know, time flies, and the next school year is already right around the corner. From schools to great places for back-to-school shopping, we've compiled great local-area places for your consideration. Start prepping today! 

Back-to-School Shopping

Getting a new wardrobe and a new set of school supplies is one of the more exciting aspects of going back to school after a nice, relaxing summer. Here's a list of a few great local places.


106 N Main St. 
Mansfield, TX


"Blinging the world one rhinestone at a time."

Dazzarkle Boutique is in Historic Downtown Mansfield. They specialize in custom rhinestones, embroidery, screen printing for churches, sports teams, schools and individuals. Stop in to shop their selection of school apparel and fan gear. 

For more information about Dazzarkle, you can visit their website

The Children's Place

120 W Debbie Ln.
Mansfield, TX


The Children’s Place range of children’s clothes is designed to be comfy, durable and stylish. For playtime, our range of kids tops, bottoms, dresses, pants and shorts are quality made and make it easy to dress your child in fun outfits. For your very little ones, we have you covered too – our wide range of toddler and baby clothing will give you a choice of looks for your newborn boy or girl.

For more information about The Children's Place, visit their website.

LadyBugs Children's Boutique

26 E Debbie Ln # 112
Mansfield, TX

(817) 539-7222

Petite children's outfitter stocking apparel, shoes & accessories for boys & girls in vibrant digs.

Day Care

Looking for after school care? Or do you have an infant in need of a good Preschool? Below is a list of some loving places to consider. 

The Children's Courtyard

3701 E Broad St. 
Mansfield, TX


The Children's Courtyard provides loving infant care, superior preschool programs, Private Pre-Kindergarten, and more. Their tenured staff, many of whom have dedicated 20 years of their career to early education, is first aid and CPR certified. They participate in child development training throughout the year. Strong foundations are built here.

For more information about The Children's Courtyard, you can visit their website

The Children's Spot

1222 E Debbie Ln. 
Mansfield, TX


The Children's Spot is where learning never ends! Caring for children 6 weeks to 12 years old. Frog Street Curriculum, 4-Star Texas Rising Star, Texas School Ready. Your child will be happy, educated, safe, and loved in an enriching environment.

For more information about The Children's Spot, you can visit their website

Private Schools

For some choosing to go the private school route is the ideal alternative to public schooling. Luckily, Mansfield has a great selection of private schools to consider.

St. Joseph Catholic School

2015 SW Green Oaks Blvd.
Arlington, TX 76017


Grades pre-K through 8th grade. Celebrating 20 years of providing students with a safe and prayerful learning environment, enveloped by an intimate community of active and faithful families.

For more information about St. Joseph Catholic School, visit their website

Walnut Creek Private School

1751 N Walnut Creek Dr.
Mansfield, TX 

(817) 473-4406

Walnut Creek Academy's missions is to provide a creative learning environment with a firm foundation of faith in God and in themselves that emphasizes on social, emotional, and intellectual development to develop children's desire to be lifelong learners with creative minds, strong bodies, and kind hearts.

For more information about Walnut Creek, visit their website

Back-to-School Tips and Tricks, When You're on a Budget

Between new clothes and new school supplies, back-to-school season can put a strain on household budgets.

In 2015, families planned to spend $630 on back-to-school items, according to the National Retail Federation, and this year’s numbers are also expected to be pricey. With a little planning, your family can get the most out of your school shopping budget -- by taking advantage of sales, comparison shopping, buying in bulk and simply by making sure you don’t buy things you already own.

Here are some smart ways families can reduce costs as students head back to class this fall.

End-of-Season Sales

Take advantage of end-of-season sales to stock up. This concept may not help you this fall, but it’s a great habit to adopt now for long-term savings. You can stock up on summer clothes now and great fall items once the weather gets chillier. Stores will be offering deep discounts and clearance prices on items that eventually will come in handy for next back-to-school season. Remember to take into account that kids grow quickly!

Add it Up

Bigger ticket school supply items can cost you a pretty penny if you don’t comparison shop.

For example, required tools like a high-quality graphing calculator can come with a price tag of $75 or more! Get more for your money with an affordable model, such as Casio’s fx-9750GII, which retails for under $50. It offers useful features like a high resolution screen and compatibility with a personal computer. It is also permitted to be used in such major tests as the ACT and the SAT. More information about calculators can be found at

Take Stock and Buy in Bulk

Don’t buy things you already own, and take advantage of bulk discounts for the stuff you need! Before making your shopping list take stock of what school supplies you already have in your closets -- and your child’s backpack -- from the last school year. From scissors to folders to unused or partially used notebooks, you may already have many things your kids need for the year ahead.

For those necessities that kids will need all year long -- such as tape, paper, pens, pencils, markers and more -- take advantage of bulk sales at discount stores and online retailers. Buying more now can save you cash in the months ahead.

Go Green

Brown bags, plastic baggies and plastic silverware are small expenses that add up quickly. Instead, opt for reusable lunch container alternatives and a one-time expense. It’s not only good for the planet, but kids will get on board if you let them pick items that speak to their sense of style. You’ll also save yourself trips to the store!

Don’t let back-to-school make a hefty dent in your wallet. At the store, take advantage of great deals and also consider different ways of eliminating perennial expenses.

Tips courtesy of StatePoint Media.

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