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Chef Josh Hopkins Talks Favorite Recipes & Hot Sauce

Jul 19, 2016 05:42PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Fork in the Road's Reuben sandwich

As you know from our article "Put a Fork In It: Fork in the Road Serves Up Well-Crafted Basics With Funky Style," Chef and Owner Josh Hopkins loves to add his own flair to classic plates. Sandwiches and burgers are certainly his go-to with his menu at Fork in the Road, his restaurant. However, we wanted to know what his favorite meal to make was, as well as his favorite thing to eat at home.

At Fork in the Road, Josh loves making -- and eating! -- the Muffaletta, a sandwich with "baked ham, turkey, salami & provolone with house olive relish on crispy French Bread," and the Gorilla Biscuit, a sandwich with "griddled ham, corned beef & salami wrapped up in a flour tortilla."  

Chef & Owner,
Josh Hopkins

According to Josh, he doesn't cook much at home. Though, when he does, he prefers to "MacGyver it," creating his own, unique meal from scratch. To him it's more fun, and it's more of a challenge. 

Josh also mentioned that he loves to get together with his two step-children, Trinity, 12, and Gaige, 16, and make homemade pizza. He said that he will typically pick up frozen pizza dough, and they will all make their own pizza together. They like to make the sauce from scratch, grate the cheese, and chop up and add any other toppings they'd like. "It's building life skills," he said, while following it with a chuckle about cleaning up. "Now, that's a different thing. They'll learn that lesson when they're 18 or 19 and on their own." 

Josh is hoping to set a good example in the kitchen by teaching them how to feed themselves. Cooking at home is certainly a life skill, and he noted that it was sad how many people just don't know how to cook for themselves. He hopes that his step-children will have no problem with this.

Trinity and Gaige have their own favorite types of foods, though Josh said they all agree on Palio's pizza. "It's a little expensive," Josh said. "But it's worth the price." If they aren't having Palio's, Trinity prefers Bagel Bites and Velveeta Shells, while Gaige more recently prefers corn dogs and chicken nuggets. 

As a kid himself, he remembers being impressed with his own invention of putting pancake mix in a squeeze bottle,. He would pour the mix in the bottle, and then make pancakes by spelling his name in the pan with the batter. 

One recipe in particular that sticks out to him is what he makes for his wife -- the "Queen's Breakfast." Josh and his wife were friends for 12 years before they began dating, and dated 4 years before tying the knot. This breakfast was where they eventually bonded, and it is his wife's very specific favorite. 

The Queen's Breakfast is a biscuit split in half, with peppered and salted over-easy eggs placed on top, followed by gravy and topped with cheddar cheese, with perhaps some bacon on the side. They've been experimenting with different additions to the Queen's Breakfast ,like adding diced ham or chopped bacon. Josh tries to make this for his wife every Sunday. 

Another addition they both enjoy adding to just about any meal is sriracha. "We both love sriracha," Josh said. And almost any hot sauce, as well! A few that Josh listed included Frank's, Chipotle Tabasco and Cholula. "We also like to roast our jalepenos, and that really adds an extra heat. The oils come through and make it more spicy." 

For more information about Fork in the Road, visit their website or give them a call at (817) 459-3675.

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