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Mansfield Magazine's July-August 2016 Issue - Get Ready For School

Jul 19, 2016 06:20PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Here We Go Again

Seems like summer just began and now here comes the fall semester of school. That means school supplies, fall sports, busy schedules and cooler weather are coming our way. So as we all prepare to send kids back to school and embrace the coming seasonal activities, we have once again tailored the July-August issue of Mansfield Magazine to the season. 

There’s no disputing that Mansfield ISD is such a great school system. We have enjoyed interviewing and sharing the stories of numerous district employees over the years. This time we met up with Hunter Oeffner, the Mansfield ISD culinary trainer and chef. He’s the one who makes sure all our kids are eating fresh, and as we found out some rather unique, foods rich in nutrition and fun. He told us all about the Student Nutrition Department, how he goes about developing recipes and menus as well as his community outreach functions. Read all about him in this issue’s Community Profile.

Over at Kennedale High School, there is one man who is bringing a love, respect and appreciation of the outdoors back into the classroom (and, of course, outside of it). Danny Wilcox teaches biology and is the sponsor of the school’s Outdoor Education Club. The school has an archery team, a bass fishing team and the students get a hands-on education about what the great outdoors has to offer. Find out more in Your Neighbor. 

The busy fall season can wreak havoc on many families. But there are ways to stay together and create family unity and memories despite everyone’s full schedule. Whether it’s outdoor activities, arts and crafts or spending time together cooking, our HomeStyle section is packed with some great tips.

And speaking of cooking, don’t miss Cookin’ with Carol’s A to Z of vegetable cooking. She reveals a wonderful world of veggies and a great Gazpacho recipe.

Looking for one last escape before the fall season kicks in? Try Rocksprings and Devil’s Sinkhole northwest of San Antonio. The 350-foot sinkhole is a wonder of nature, and late in the evenings you can watch as a black sea of bats wings its way out into the dusk sky.

Everything else you know and expect is here this time. So take one last deep breath before the fall fires up, enjoy this issue of Mansfield Magazine and we’ll get busy planning the next one.


Kerry Pipes, Editor

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Hunter Oeffner Mansfield ISDs culinary trainer and chef

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The Devils Sinkhole Rocking Springs TX

Rocksprings and Devil’s Sinkhole

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Web Extras

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Photo courtesy of the Common Ground Network website

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