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An Inside Look at Upcoming Mansfield FieldhouseUSA with COO Gary Oliver

Jul 28, 2016 03:44PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Last year, FieldhouseUSA was approved to be built in Mansfield. Not only should we be excited abut having a fun new recreational sports complex for all ages, there are also many economic benefits that go along with it. 

We were able to get in touch with COO Gary Oliver and learn more about the benefits of having a FieldhouseUSA in Mansfield, as well as a little history. 

Tell me a little bit about FieldhouseUSA. It was my vision in 2004 to create a one stop shop for parents and kids when it came to sports.  We’ve worked to achieve that over the last 12 years and believe we’ve created a model unlike any other.

What is FieldhouseUSA?  FieldhouseUSA is a league, event and tournament-based indoor 

sports facility generating over 1.6 million visitors annually.  The indoor sports facility serves the area residents by offering year-round league play in team sports such as basketball, volleyball and futsal. FieldhouseUSA also offers programs for individuals such as:  performance training, all-sports camps, baseball/softball, birthday parties, boot camps, cheerleading, club volleyball, corporate events, dodgeball, lock-ins, skills training, taekwondo, and tumble. 

FieldhouseUSA hosts a wide range of events and tournaments, which cater to the select, club and recreational teams across the United States.  This tournament series generates millions of sales tax dollars annually and has a major economic impact for the City and surrounding areas.  FieldhouseUSA is geared for both recreational, intermediate and competitive athletes and offers a variety of sporting activities where everyone has a place to play and create an amazing EXPERIENCE! 


How did it get started? Beginning in 2004 with the teamwork of many, including his wife, Ellen, and my business partner, Terry Casey the vision became reality with the construction of FieldhouseUSA, Frisco in 2009.  Since opening Frisco in 2009, FieldhouseUSA has generated over $115 million dollars of economic impact for the City of Frisco and surrounding areas and averages over 1.6 million visitors annually.        

What are the benefits of having a Fieldhouse in Mansfield?  Mansfield is a market that we are extremely excited about.  Currently there isn’t a facility like FieldhouseUSA in the area that serves the kids and families the way we do.  We believe we can bring a service that currently has a demand that isn’t being met.  We couldn’t be more excited about opening in Mansfield.


When should we expect it to be ready?  Open November 2016.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been with FieldhouseUSA?  I’ve been involved in sports my entire life.  Wide receiver at Texas A&M from 1986-1990 receiving undergraduate and Master Degrees in Sports Management.  After college I began my football coaching career and coached through 2004.  I began thinking about FieldhouseUSA in 2001 when our kids were young and I was coaching.  I noticed in the middle schools large amounts of kids were being cut during the try-out process for their local schools.  My wife and I started talking about how there was a need for a facility to bring back the recreation in sports.  Bring FUN back to kids and families in an environment that will create a great Experience in their lives.  That is how the FieldhouseUSA vision began.

What is one thing that we should absolutely be looking forward to?  The great thing that we say everyday here about FieldhouseUSA is, “if a youth is involved in activities, they will be coming through our front door at some point, and we are in the business of raising kids and bringing together families.”  We, FieldhouseUSA, look forward to serving the Mansfield and surrounding community.

To learn more about FieldhouseUSA, you can visit their website

Fieldhouse USA

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