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Common Ground Network, Finding Common Ground In Our Community

Sep 06, 2016 04:54PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Photo courtesy of the Common Ground Network website.

Common Ground Network has been within the Mansfield community for years, putting on events such as the Stuff the Bus campaign, as well as other fantastic things, as covered in our previously published article, "Ribbon Cutting Event: Common Ground Network is Working to Help MISD Under-Resourced Families.

Their purpose is to find Common Ground in our community in order to serve families within Mansfield ISD. 

Their Mission

Since 1998, the Common Ground Network has worked to coordinate services to the community. Their goal is twofold:

Provide assistance to families in need.

Guard against duplication of services within our network, as well as duplication of services to any one family.

Each summer, Common Ground Network raises money with community donations to supply a week's worth of healthy of healthy snacks for children in the Mansfield ISD free and reduced lunch program.

1 in 5 children faces hunger in America, and 1 in 4 children around the world suffers from chronic malnutrition that stunts growth. The biggest reason kids are hungry, both in the U.S. and around the world, is poverty. Poverty often means children not only don’t have enough to eat, they don’t have access to clean water, health care or education. They face hunger, disease and even death.

They will feed about 1,000 kids per week at food pantries across the school district. In 2012, they added the Texas Summer Reading Program, to encourage children to keep up their reading by picking out free books and earning prizes for reading each week.

Established in 2007, Feed the Kids, provided 2,000 bags for the entire summer. This year we are raising about money in order to distribute nearly 10,000 bags! We also distribute free books for the reading program.

Team of Volunteers


Food Drive
Co-chairs: Cathy Woodell, Susan Luttrell

Members: Liz Wright, Charletta Taylor, Beverly Crouch, Kathleen D'Agostino, Katherine DuCasse, Bob Woodland

Feed the Kids for Summer
Co-chairs: Suzy Hermann, Phil Stover
Members: Robin Rowe, Eva Hood, Cathy Wooddell, Liz Wright, Teresa Washington, Bob Woodland, David Peyton, Linda Massey, Funmi Adeyemi.

Summer Reading Program

Ruth Mercado, Michael Sydnor, Teresa Washington

School Supplies
Co-chairs: Chad Crafton, Victoria Dodd
Members: Phil Stover, Beverly Crouch, Priscilla Sanchez, Liz Wright, Suzy Herrmann, Susan Eastman

Co-chairs: Teresa Sherwood, Brian McFadden
Members: Phil Stover, Charletta Taylor, Bob Woodland, Robin Rowe, Victoria Dodd, Chad Crafton, Suzy Herrmann, Ruth Mercado

Co-chairs: Shane Whisler, Katherine DuCasse
Members: Cathy Wooddell, Liz Wright, Susan Luttrell

Co-chairs: Robin Rowe, Paulette Uzee
Members: Paulette Uzee, Susan Luttrell, Gary Whetzel

Historians - Katherine Ducasse and Beverly Crouch

Interested in volunteering? Feel free to contact Common Grounds Network, Inc at (817) 473-6650 or at You can also visit their website to learn more. 

Christmas Program

(Runs October – December)

Each year a network of churches and civic groups “adopt” groups of children that provide gifts and clothing to each child in our community that is in need. The Common Ground Network, Inc. qualifies families through an application process in October that is promoted within the Mansfield ISD.  Once families have been approved, their information is distributed to churches and organizations that provide the needs for the family during the month of December. Each program is slightly different but every family is sure to feel the Holiday Spirit. 

For more information about their upcoming program, 
click here

Content and images courtesy of 
Common Ground Network.

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