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Teacher, Restaurant Owner, Nonprofit Organizer & More: Local Resident Selflessly Serves the Community

Sep 21, 2016 04:33PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Courtesy of the Today's Other Choices' website.

J’s Tasty Kitchen's owner and head chef Jennifer Terrell enjoys keeping busy. Not only is she the owner and chef, she runs her own nonprofit, spends her time volunteering, and also teaches middle school math full time. 

We recently featured Jennifer's story in an article, "J’s Tasty Kitchen Serves Up a Truly Home-Style Feel." Her story is an inspirational one, but we wanted to know a little bit more about her and some of the things that she likes to do with her limited leisure time. It doesn't hurt that she prides herself in being exceptionally organized, either! 

As far as she can recall, Jennifer has always enjoyed keeping busy and serving others. "I believe that is why we are all here," Jennifer said of her continuous selfless service. 

Jennifer finds immense joy in reading the Bible. It's her number one read. If she has a chance, she also enjoys relaxing and meditating to the Lord. It's where she finds her peace and her direction, particularly if she encounters any problems. "You will always find your answer in the Bible," Jennifer happily said. 

While balancing all of the things that she has to do, Jennifer said, "I spend a lot of time in the car." Most of her organizing is done from her car while she is driving to and from all the various places she needs to be. However, her good spirit is infectious, and that is carried with her everywhere she goes.

One of the many places she finds herself is volunteering at her very own nonprofit, Today's Other Choices. Today’s Other Choices, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization geared toward molding and shaping the minds of today’s youth. The program provides tutoring services for, but not limited to: STAAR, GED, PSAT, SAT, test-taking skills, homework assistance, and so more for at-risk youth within the community. For more information about this organization, you can visit their website

If Jennifer has any free time after all that: teaching, working at her restaurant, and volunteering at her nonprofit, she enjoys playing tennis. "I love to play," Jennifer informed us about her tennis-playing. Walking and quality time with her family is, of course, her most favorite activity of all.

Visit J’s Tasty KitchenToday's Other Choices, and "J’s Tasty Kitchen Serves Up a Truly Home-Style Feel" to learn more about the wonderful things Jennifer Terrell is doing within the community. 

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