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Arlington's New Public Works and Transportation Director: 25-Year Career in Public Works

Sep 22, 2016 04:07PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Last month, Mindy Carmichael was named the new Public Works and Transportation Director in Arlington. This came after a nation-wide search for the right candidate.

Since she has been working for the city of Arlington for over 19 years, the city is excited to have her as the new Public Works and Transportation Director. There are plenty of big things that Mindy hopes to accomplish. 

We were able to get in touch with Mindy to learn more about her goals.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Did you grow up in the area? 

I grew up in Arlington and still live there today.  I have seen the area grow from sparsely populated pastures into the amazing metroplex that it is today. I attended Arlington public schools, and graduated from UTA.   I am a single mother of two kids; one which recently graduated from UTA and the other a junior at UTA.

What is your new official title? What are your duties?  

I am now the Director of Public Works and Transportation, which includes providing and maintaining quality infrastructure, improving mobility, and promoting a sustainable environment and enhancing quality of life.  This includes construction and renewal of roadways, drainage, and city buildings.  I also oversee the city’s landfill operations, environmental recycling and fleet services.  

How has the response been since you've been hired? Have people been welcoming? 

Because I have worked for the city for over 19 years, I have cultivated many relationships during my career.  The encouraging responses from many of those has been truly amazing.

What are you most excited about, or most look forward to? 

The city’s biggest resource is its employees.  With their innovative talents, I am eager to explore and spearhead technological advancements related to connected and autonomous vehicles. This technology is going to change our everyday lives and I’m excited to be on the front end and bring this cutting edge technology to realization.

Do you see your prior experience playing a key role in your current position? 

Absolutely. My entire 25 year career is in public works.  During that time, I have developed excellent engineering skills that, coupled with my successful management style, provide me the ability to see the “big picture” to build, operate, and maintain city infrastructure.  My broad experience has touched all aspects of public works and my various teams have had considerable success implementing advanced operational and technological strategies that have measurably increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer service. 


What's something about you that we should know?  

I am a very hands-on do-it-yourself person.  I have built on, remodeled, and/or redecorated every room in my house.  I would rather do it myself than pay someone to do it for me.  In fact, if you opened the cabinets in my kitchen, you would most likely find power tools rather than blenders and toasters. 

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