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Exploring Art & Creativity in Mansfield

Oct 25, 2016 05:46PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Mary & Eddie Phillips working on Mansfield 88's most recent piano. Photo courtesy of the Lil' Blue Goat Facebook page.

As residents of Mansfield, Texas we are well aware of the exciting boom in local art and artists. This ranges from groups collaborating on a common project to local communities becoming a part of an art trend. 

We've explored the many different artist pursuits in the local area and have highlighted them here. Don't see a project that you feel should be included? Let us know by contacting us and we will add it!

Mansfield Rocks

Posted by Ashley Adkins‎ on the Mansfield Rocks Facebook page.

The Mansfield Rocks movement began with a group of people that wanted to spread the joy of painting and creativity. Now a Facebook page, Mansfield Rocks is a growing game of hide and seek within the area. It was recently recognized by a local radio station for the way it has rallied together the community in a unique way. 

And anyone can participate!

Posted by Jacob Flores‎ on
the Mansfield Rocks
Facebook page.

All anyone needs to do is paint a rock (or more, depending on how crafty you're feeling) and hide it.

Most enjoy posting a clue on the Facebook page, along with a picture of the rock that is being hidden. 

If you find one, it's your choice to hide it again or keep it. 

Visit the Mansfield Rocks Facebook page to see how many people within the community have been participating in this fun art initiative, as well as what some of the rules and regulations entail.

Happy hunting! 

Mansfield 88 Piano Project

There have been similar projects all around the world, and now it's been in the Mansfield area since 2012. Proclaimed as "A public display of interactive art," Mansfield 88 is an ongoing project of uniquely painted pianos that are placed throughout Historic Mansfield. 

Discover Historic Mansfield, Inc. unveiled their first artfully-painted piano on Main Street on Thursday July 12, 2012 in front of the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce located at 114 N. Main Street, Mansfield, TX 76063.

Visitors to Historic Mansfield are welcome to view the piano with its bright primary colors and Roy Lichtenstein pop art motif (it's a tribute piece) as well as PLAY it at anytime. 

The most recently unveiled piano was on October 24th, 2016 titled the "M
osaic Piano." It is located on the sidewalk in front of the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce.

There are 8 other amazing pianos to find, and are mapped out on the 
Discover Historic Mansfield website

Mansfield 30 in 30

From their Facebook page, "Thank you Monica for sharing this awesome photo! Girl Power! (At Troy Dorsey's Karate and Fitness Kickboxing)"

30 whimsical paintings in 30 days. That was the mission of artists Mary and Eddie Phillips who created these 30 fantastic murals all throughout Historic Mansfield. 

 All 30 paintings are centered around a two-block radius of the 100 block of North Main Street in Historic Mansfield, Texas. It has become an exciting and fun, good ol' fashioned scavenger hunt. Look high, look low, look all around and see if you can find all thirty.

People are encouraged to post their findings on the 
Mansfield 30 in 30 Facebook page!

Lil' Blue Goat

Location: 126 N Main St, Mansfield, Texas

Contact(817) 395-2588

The building at 126 North Main Street in Historic Mansfield, Texas, has been owned by the Smith family since it was built in 1895. After a plea to the Texas Downtown Association in 2014 for approval to become a store, Ann Smith, the owner, had to brainstorm.  

One solution posited was to 'space share' window front areas with artists, bakers, gift shop owners, or other 'eye catching' operations that will enhance downtown ambiance and draw shoppers to the area. Ann was convinced.

They began remodeling Dr. Smith's window front waiting room November 19, 2014, and officially opened for business January 23, 2015.  During the restoration, the walls and ceilings were taken back to their original architectural glory, a partition wall was built within four feet of the ceiling, and a new floor was installed.  Using salvaged furniture - painted various shades of blue of course - they created their merchandising spaces, and filled the shop with their art.  

Before this adventure, people had to know where to find the artists' studio and garden (Guard'n Planet) to see their creations... And thus the 'Lil' Blue Goat' was born! 

Lil' Blue Goat resides within the store, and is actually owned by the same artists that created the 30 murals in Historic Mansfield, as well as the newest Mansfield 88 piano installment. Talk about creativity! 

For more information about this unique space, visit Lil' Blue Goat's website

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