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8 Mansfield-Area Nonprofits That Could Use Your Help

Nov 18, 2016 09:37PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Cabaniss Elementary for their donation of 1,465 food items to Wesley Mission Center's Food Pantry

During this time of year, a sense of giving can be felt in the air. There are so many fantastic nonprofits in the Mansfield area that could benefit from donations of any kind. We've highlighted 8 local nonprofits that need your help today. 

Harvesting International

Location: HIM Center Food Bank, 150 S 6th Ave, Mansfield, TX 76063

Contact: (817) 453-3663;


Their goal is to give every child the chance to thrive and experience life in all its fullness. Children and families unable to afford necessities that many of us take for granted are being helped by local partners that include schools, churches, food pantries, homeless shelters, and others nonprofit agencies who share our passion for serving those in need.

Harvesting International Ministry Center provides emergency assistance to children and families affected by natural disasters and works with communities to develop long-term solutions to poverty. We serve approximately 100,000 people in over 25 counties throughout North Texas. Our work is evident in over 75 communities, where we join with local people to find lasting ways to improve the lives of impoverished children and families.

What You Can Do:

Donate Money: Donate now to honor a special occasion, pay tribute to friends and family, or honor the memory of a loved one while providing the needed support to eliminate hunger in our community. You also have the option of becoming a Friend of the Food Bank, where year round you can help those in need. 

Donate Food: 
Donating Food is a great way to get involved and support hunger relief in your community.

Last year the food bank distributed over 4 million pounds of food to children, families, and seniors in need, and we did it with the help of people like you that are concerned about their community. From large donations from our retail partners to successful office food drives, your contributions count.

Donate Time: There is always a need for volunteers, for various activities. Visit their volunteer webpage to learn more about how you can get involved by volunteering. 

For more information about Harvesting International, you can visit their website.

DFW Canine Rescue & Service Dogs

Contact: 682-304-4310; 


DFW Canines for Veterans is 501c3 non profit org. dedicated to providing Service Dog Training to military veterans affected by PTSD, TBI & mobility issues. 

They accept dogs from Breeders, rescues and shelters that pass their evaluation from their trainers. Once trained, these amazing battle buddies accompany their veteran everywhere they go, assisting them in their daily lives, giving them back their freedom. They are 100% funded from their own pockets, public donations and corporate sponsors.

Feel free to see some of our previous articles, "
Breathe Deep DFW Walk Takes Off for the 8th Year" and "Melissa Caposello Trains Dogs and Changes Lives of Disabled Veterans" to learn a little bit more about the amazing things they are doing. 

What You Can Do:

PTSD is something that veterans struggle with on a daily basis, and often by themselves. What DFW does is pair trained canines with veterans so that they are able to live a whole and fulfilling life. These dogs are trained to assist them when they have a "Flashback," which is what happens when their PTSD is suddenly triggered. 

DFW is solely based on donations and sponsorships. Any donation is appreciated, as is your time. This could include dog walking, kennel cleaning, and potentially assisting with the training process. 

Visit their website to find out more about what you can do. 

Mansfield Cares

Location: The Caring Place, 901 W. Broad St, Mansfield 



Mansfield Cares was formed on August 2, 1999 by a group of concerned citizens who felt that more could be done to help those less fortunate in our community. We are a501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with a Board of Directors and a group of Ambassadors who all serve in a volunteer capacity. The main fund-raising activity for Mansfield Cares is the annual charity ball that is held each February (formerly November) at Walnut Creek Country Club. We consider ourselves similar to a local United Way. Our purpose is to fill any needs that are not already being met by the many other charitable organizations in our community.

Today, Mansfield Cares is the #1 fundraiser for charitable organizations and programs within the Mansfield community and each year we raise more than $150,000 in donations, all in one evening, at our annual Charity Ball event to divide among our partner programs. 

What You Can Do:

There are many ways to donate, whether by contributing funds, getting involved, or spreading the word within the Mansfield community. We use your donations to support and coordinate with our many partner programs to provide for the health, wellness, and education of Mansfield and its children. 

There are many different programs, ways, and causes you can donate to. They also host a yearly Charity Ball that is a fun way to donate.

Please visit their 
website to learn more about how to donate, and where. 



Location: N. Main Street Business Park, 1285 N. Main Street Suite 309, Mansfield



Pedal-Power 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, refurbishing, and distributing second-hand bicycles to local and international organizations in need of economical transportation and/or parts. While the bicycle may mean recreation and exercise for some, for others it represents access to medical care, education, and the workplace. We strive to reduce waste in our community by recycling used bicycles for those in need. Pedal-Power is a division of Mansfield Bike Charity and is located in Mansfield, Texas.

What You Can Do:

Pedal-Power takes bike donations, as well as cash. The "used bike collection" is the principal means by which Pedal-Power collects bicycles for its local and overseas projects, and raises the funds to ship them. To organize a collection you must do the following:
  • Publicize and market the event to the community.
  • Manage a presence on the day of the collection.
They encourage people of all ages to set up their own bike drive to bring awareness to the nonprofit organization and its cause. 

For more information about how you can get involved, please visit their website

MISD Clothes Closet

Location: 1016 Magnolia Street, Suite D Building #600, Mansfield, TX 76063



The MISD Clothes Closet, founded in 2000, provides clothing and school supplies free of charge to Mansfield ISD students. Over 1300 families were served last year due to your help. Without your assistance, the Council would not be able to serve as many families as we do each year since the program has been in existence. 

In addition, the Clothes Closet partners with The World Wear Project. Their mission is to keep textiles and other recyclable items out of landfills as well as provide local and international communities with jobs and affordable clothing. Items that cannot be used by the MISD Clothes Closet are donated to WWP which pays a per pound price back to The Closet. This money is used to purchase socks and underwear.

What You Can Do:

Donate: To gain access, parents must obtain a voucher for each child from their school nurse or counselor.

clothing voucher provides a student with:

  • Five outfits
  • Five new pairs of underwear and socks, twice a year
  • The opportunity to return and shop every three months

school supply voucher provides a student with a one-time visit for supplies and backpacks.

Each month, we provide a list of items on our Monthly Wish List that are needed to stock the closet. We accept donations of:

  • Gently used "school appropriate" clothing (4T-adult)
  • Coats (4T-adult)
  • Footwear (4T-adult) 
  • New socks and underwear
  • School supplies

Campus Clothing Drives - We greatly appreciate campuses conducting their own clothing drives.  Please view our monthly wish list for our most needed items. You can also review our How You Can Help? handout for different ideas on how you or your organization can help the Clothes Closet. 

PTA Clothes Closet Contest - Help the Clothes Closet keep our stock full by participating in our annual MISD Clothes Closet Contest. View contest rules and prizes.

Volunteer: The Closet is partially staffed by local PTAs, but independent volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. Do you or someone you know need volunteer hours?  We have several evening shifts available for organizing and switching out seasonal clothing. Please contact Desiree Thomas at 817-692-5181 for complete information.

Wesley Mission Center

Location: 777 N. Walnut Creek Dr., Mansfield, TX 76063



The Wesley Mission Center is a non-profit organization that offers financial assistance, resources, and customized action plans to assist families in the Kennedale, Texas, area who are experiencing an immediate crisis or living in poverty. People with unmet physical and spiritual needs can adversely impact the stability of their families and consequently their communities, including Kennedale.

We recently posted an article about the Wesley Mission Center, "
Wesley Mission Center: Empowering People on Their Journey to Self-Sufficiency & Wholeness." Click to learn more.

What You Can Do:

Volunteers serve in their thrift store, food pantry and in various program roles.

Financial contributions also allow them to continue to serve their neighbors in Mansfield ISD. Tax receipts will be issued for all amounts greater than $10.00.

Clothing and household goods donated to the Thrift Store and Boutique are sold at very low cost, allowing community members to buy essential items for the family.

Food donated to the pantry is a valuable safety net for families whose resources are stretched beyond their needs.

Prayers are also accepted, and appreciated. 

To learn more about the amazing programs that they offer, feel free to visit their website

Mission Arlington/ Mission Metroplex

Location: 210 W. South St, Arlington, TX 76010

Contact: 817-277-6620;


Mission Arlington® is more a movement than a strategy, more a spirit than a structure, more like a family than an organization. It’s not about religion, and it is as much about God as it is about people. For these reasons, and so many more, Mission Arlington® doesn’t fit into the customary language of church, nor does it fit into the typical category of social work. 

When Mission Arlington® began in August of 1986, the idea was to help people find their way back into church. They subsequently discovered that many people felt disconnected from the church in general. 

It’s not that churches weren’t friendly or inviting, but that there seemed to be some a barrier in the minds and hearts of people, making it difficult for them to connect. They decided then that if people couldn’t come to the church, for whatever reason, we would take the church to them.

Today people of all ages gather each week to hear the Bible taught in multiple languages in 349 locations in Arlington and the larger Dallas/Fort Worth region. They meet in neighborhood homes, apartment club houses, mobile home parks and in any other location where people can gather together to hear God’s Word.

How You Can Help:

Volunteer: To explore the many volunteer opportunities (below), call them at 817-277-6620 or just stop by any day of the week. Click on any of the links below to discover a variety of ways that you can “join in” the Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex.
  1. Health Professionals
  2. Administration and Technology
  3. Teachers and Leaders
  4. Operations and Facilities

They want and need you, in any way that you feel led to serve.  

Holidays: Throughout the season, they need food of any kind, coats, blankets, heaters, underwear, and toys to help make the holidays warmer, happier and better for the families of our community. The Holidays are a very important time for families in need. There are many ways a group or individuals can be involved. For a printable document with the some information, click here

To learn more about what you can do, visit their website

Mansfield Magazine

Location2363 Hwy 287 North, Suite 103, Mansfield, Texas 76063 


We at Mansfield Magazine will be hosting a canned/boxed goods drive. We always take the donations to Harvesting International every year! Drop them by during our business hours! 

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