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Keeping it Cool: 3 Tips to Helping Kids Relax this Holiday Season

Nov 22, 2016 07:36PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

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The holiday season is a time of excitement, joy, and lots of family gatherings. Though these things can be incredibly positive, they can also be somewhat stressful, particularly for youngsters.

As seen in our recent article, "How to Help Your Children Weather the Storm of Holiday Stress," we gave a few tips and tricks to help ease some of the holiday anxiety. Here are 3 more tips to consider. 

1) Develop Grounding Techniques Early 

Having a few techniques ready to go, that's been practiced in a stress-free environment, is very beneficial to success. What these techniques do is take the scattered energy the your chid is displaying and essentially collecting it in order to settle down.

One technique is called "Anchors Away." Have your child stand tall, eyes closed, and breathing deeply. All they need to do is imagine that they are captain of their own "energy ship," and take it on their own journey. This focus brings their energy to the story, thus calming them down. Address them when they are done, and reassess the situation. It sounds silly, but it's effective! 

2) Elevator Breath

Breathing in raise your arms above your head and say “Elevator Up!”  Breathing out, float your arms back down to your sides, saying “Elevator Down.”  Repeat.

3) Listen to the Crickets

It can be soothing to listen to the sounds of crickets chirping, no matter what time of day. Be sure to have your child lie down, close their eyes, and play the sounds of crickets. A simple YouTube search is all it takes! 

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