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Get to Know Mansfield Magazine This Holiday Season!

Dec 22, 2016 07:49PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Mansfield Magazine's Editor Kerry Pipes (back left) and his family.

This holiday season, we here at Mansfield Magazine wanted to share our holiday traditions with our local community. Community is a big part of what we love to embrace and showcase, so why not do so with our staff? 

We were lucky enough to get a few staff members together to answer a few questions all about holiday traditions. People that were able to answer include Lisa Drake, the owner and publisher of the magazine, Steve Huddleston, the Senior Horticulturist at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and our Lawn & Garden expert, and our editor Kerry Pipes.

Do you and your family have any holiday traditions?

Lisa Drake at the 2015
Ugly Sweater Contest
in Downtown Mansfield!

Lisa Drake: When the boys were little we had a friend who did voice-overs for a living call our house every year as Santa and talk with each of them. Now our annual tradition is to eat at IHOP for lunch on Christmas Day. This tradition got started much by accident a few years ago. We were set to visit family out of state when the weather was too bad to drive. So we really didn’t have much to eat in the house in the way of “Christmas Dinner”. A few internet searches later to determine what restaurants were open Christmas Day and the consensus was IHOP over 7-Eleven. 

Steve Huddleston: Yes. The week before Christmas, we bake Christmas cookies and candy using family recipes.  We attend a Christmas Eve church service together, open presents on Christmas morning, and eat Christmas dinner in the afternoon. 

Kerry Pipes: We make a birthday cake for Jesus. We’ve been doing this since our kids were small. A white cake is topped with colored sprinkles one at a time. Each color represents a different character trait of Jesus and a scripture is read to highlight the meaning of that characteristic.

Do you have a classic holiday dish or recipe that you make each year?

Lisa Drake and family making

Lisa Drake: I like to make homemade dog treats as gifts to friends and neighbors. Other than that, we get together with my family in Oklahoma each December and make pierogies. My great grandfather was a Polish immigrant and this is a traditional food that is basically a dumpling filled with ingredients like potato or cheese or meat. Some people might compare them to ravioli.

Steve HuddlestonWe usually have ham on Christmas day.  I make the pies from scratch – usually pecan, pumpkin, or apple. 

Kerry Pipes: We always have southern-style homemade dressing.

What's one of your favorite holiday memories?

Lisa Drake: I remember my mother was always crafting something to give as gifts. Anything she made was truly much better than any store bought gift. I think the oldest creation I still have is a paper mache girl with a dog she must have made around 1974ish.

Steve Huddleston: Probably as a 7- or 8-year-old when my grandmother slept on the fold-out couch in the den with my sister and me on Christmas Eve and a fire burned in the fireplace.  I wanted to stay awake as long as possible, for I thought Santa would surely come down the chimney, and I wanted to see him when he did!

Kerry Pipes: Giving my wife a sweater from the men’s department for our first Christmas. I was too embarrassed to shop in the women’s clothes section.

Do you give to any charitable causes each season? Which ones?

Steve Huddleston at a charity event.
Lisa Drake: We participate in canned food drives, support the Salvation Army red kettle buckets at various retailers, and also like to choose an angel from the Angel Tree Benefit.

Steve Huddleston: Yes, I always pack shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child, and I always take a child’s name from the angel tree at church and buy what is requested on the card. 

Kerry Pipes: We give to causes year-round and have participated in Operation Christmas Child in the past at Christmas time.

Do you stay in town for the holidays, or travel?

Mansfield Magazine's Editor Kerry Pipes
(back left) and his family.

Lisa Drake: We used to travel to Oklahoma to visit family on Christmas Day every year. But these days we really like to stay at home and just hang out. We make several trips to visit during the year, so just sitting around doing nothing when everyone else is on the road is so much more enjoyable.

Steve Huddleston: I stay here sometimes, but I also like to visit family in Oklahoma. 

Kerry Pipes: These days, we stay in town. Family from Oklahoma comes to visit us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Mansfield Magazine!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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