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Val Verde Winery: The Oldest Continuously Running Winery in Texas

Jan 27, 2017 01:00PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Val Verde Winery is located in Del Rio, Texas, and is considered the "oldest continuously running winery in Texas," according to their website.

Established in 1883, their doors have yet to be closed. We recently included Val Verde Winery in an article all about visiting Del Rio, "
Del Rio, Texas: Border Town Offers Natural Beauty, Art and Texas Oldest Winery."

Del Rio is a quaint little town with plenty of history, and Val Verde Winery embodies this entirely. 

A Little History

According to the Val Verde website, "Val Verde Winery was established in 1883 by Italian immigrant Frank Qualia, who brought with him the family tradition of winemaking.  When he arrived in Del Rio, he found Lenoir grapes flourishing under the warm Southwest Texas sun, and founded the winery.  After his death in 1936, his youngest son, Louis Qualia, took over the vineyards, who in turn passed the winery to his youngest son, Thomas, in 1973.   

Today, the winery is operated by third-generation vintner Thomas Qualia, with the knowledge and experience that has been handed down for generations.  Qualia respects the efforts and expertise that preceded him, and is dedicated to producing wines of excellent variety and quality.  Many of his wines have gained the attention of serious wine connoisseurs, particularly his Don Luis Tawny Port, which has won medals from Texas to New York.

In 2008, Val Verde Winery completed its 125th year of continuous winemaking.  It is the oldest bonded winery in the state of Texas, and was awarded the Land Heritage Award from the Department of Agriculture for single-family-ownership of the vineyards for over 100 years.  Because of longevity and family pride, the Val Verde Winery is a landmark and an innovator in the growing Texas wine industry.  Its survival is an inspiration to its future and the future of the industry in Texas."

Val Verde is proud to say that they are 4 generations of Qualia winemakers. Since their beginning, they have created small-batch wines that have been incredibly successful. A few of their wines are even award-winning. 

If you ever find yourself in Del Rio, Texas, be sure to stop by Val Verde Winery at 100 Qualia Drive, Del Rio, Texas.

Content courtesy of Val Verde Winery's website. 

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