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Fort Worth Zoo's Female Orangutan Predicts Super Bowl LI Winners

Feb 05, 2017 04:39PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Image courtesy of the Fort Worth Zoo.

On Thursday February 2nd, 2017, the Fort Worth Zoo posted a video of their 43-year-old female orangutan making her Super Bowl LI prediction. 

In their Facebook post they stated, "PT, the Zoo’s 43-year-old female orangutan made her Super Bowl selection this morning without hesitation! She immediately went for the football-shaped piñata with the Atlanta Falcons logo on it and we’re hoping she’s correct and will maintain the Zoo’s winning record of correctly predicting the Super Bowl victors five out of the last seven years.

Always a team player, PT had the other female orangutan join her on the field and Chantek also made it clear that the Falcons are favored to win. The girls eventually broke both piñatas in order to get to their favorite treats – dried fruits, grapes, raisins, seeds and popcorn"

Let's see if PT was right! 

Content courtesy of the Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo

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