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Use These Spring Trends to Update Your Home on a Budget

Apr 04, 2017 10:00AM ● By Melanie Heisinger

By Design

By Aly J. Yale


As the winter chill passes and the annual freeze is in our rearview, it slowly but surely starts to look like spring. Flowers start to bloom, the sun shines more and the world gets just a little brighter. But it’s not just the outdoors that transform this time of year, according to local design experts, updating your interior should be on the agenda this season, too.

While you certainly don’t need a full revamp of your home’s design every time the leaves change, Nakeya Fincher, owner, lead certified interior decorator and professional organizer at Divine Elements of Design in Grand Prairie, says there are a few things you can do each season to spice up your living space. These “mini-makeovers,” as she calls them, “can work wonders on a home.”


Updating Your Home Quickly and Affordably

Though you could certainly call in a pro to help with your seasonal updates, our experts say there’s plenty you can do easily and affordably on your own if you want a little refresh. “Replacing rugs, throw pillows and other accent pieces and accessories can provide a quick and easy seasonal update to a home without breaking the bank,” says Fincher.

Monica Vaughn, interior designer and principal owner of Housewarming Direct LLC in Mansfield, agrees that updating your accessories is a great place to start. “Pillows, décor and draperies can really add style without spending a whole lot of money,” says Vaughn. “In spring, changing out pillows with pillow covers in the latest color trends is quick and easy. Mirrors, art, rugs and ready-made drapery add another element to updating a design without spending a lot.”

Fincher says repainting a space can also provide a quick and easy makeover. “A fresh coat of paint and changing your accent hues from warm colors to cool colors is a great way to update your home for the spring,” she says. “For example, if you have a chocolate sofa with burnt orange pillows and curtains, simply replace the burnt orange with teal for a new, revived look.”

And if you’re the DIY type, you can even consider redoing some old furniture or scavenging a garage sale for some pieces with potential. “Refurbishing old furniture or reclaimed furniture can be a very fun DIY project,” says Vaughn. “Painting furniture or adding accent molding and other details to old furniture can transform it to something even more beautiful.”


What’s Trending

So where do you begin with your seasonal updates? Because design trends are always in flux, what’s popular today may not be “in” next year, next month or even tomorrow. But according to Lisa Landry, president of Decorating Den Interiors – The Landry Team, major shifts in style typically only occur a few times each decade. “Every year we have new design trends,” says Landry, “but major shifts occur about every five years.”

These shifts, says Vaughn, rarely include new concepts and styles but instead pull from past eras. “What I have noticed in my experience in the design field is nothing really changes,” she says. “Design ideas and trends are usually based on the looks of the past, simply modernized to fit today’s societal needs.”

That’s definitely true with this year’s trends, which Fincher says are from “our grandmothers’ era.” These trends include things like repurposed pieces, wallpaper and upholstered headboards. Mixed metals are also big, she says. According to Vaughn, the mixed metal trend is a great way to add a vintage but modern look to a space – especially if you use copper or gold. Metals on furniture are particularly trendy, says Landry. “We’re seeing lots of metals blended into all kinds of furnishings,” she says. “Burnished gold, as well as high-shine brass, are strong, but the silver/stainless family still has the largest following currently.”

As far as colors go, Vaughn says gray is on-trend for those needing a neutral palette. She also says jewel and monochrome tones are in. “Warm plums and deep blues are very trendy as we enter 2017,” says Vaughn. Black and white, graphic prints, emerald green and royal blue are also big too, according to Landry. But the biggest color-related surprise of 2017, she says, will be the emergence of pink. “We’re seeing blush, carnation and fuchsia represented throughout the market, often mixed with whites, grays or blacks,” says Landry.


What’s Out

What goes up must come down, and sadly some trends just simply aren’t “in” anymore. According to Fincher, the “matchy-matchy” effect is no longer on-trend. That includes matching sofas, chairs, loveseats and other furniture, as well as being too coordinated with your accessories and wall colors. Other things that are “out”? Fincher says accent walls are a big no-no, and Landry says the “Old World style” is also out. It’s on to more modern and transitional styles, both in furnishings and architecture, she says.

Fortunately, the Mansfield, Arlington and Grand Prairie areas are home to plenty of places you can find on-trend accessories, furnishings and décor that would get our experts’ stamp of approval. Among the stores recommended by Fincher and Vaughn include TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, Hobby Lobby, At Home and Marshalls. Fincher recommends getting your items from various places and mixing and matching them. This can help you avoid that dreaded matchy-matchy misstep, while also allowing you to hunt for the best deal along the way.    


DIY Bathroom Update

Bathroom feeling outdated? Local interior designer Nakeya Fincher says framing your mirror can make an instant difference – and without investing a whole lot of time or money. Here’s how you can do it yourself.


• Baseboard molding, cut to frame your mirror as desired
• Primer and paint (or wood stain, if you’d rather)
• Paneling adhesive
• Extra-strength wood glue
• Caulk (and caulk gun, if necessary)
• Measuring tape
• Level


First, measure your mirror. You want your frame to extend a few inches around each side, so make sure you account for that when taking your measurements.

Next, get the wood. Though you could simply use 2x4 or another sized wood, your best bet for a beautiful, decorative frame is to opt for premade baseboard molding, which comes in a variety of shapes and designs. Choose one you like, and have the store cut it to your measured dimensions.

Prime and paint your wood. Be sure to do this outdoors, in the garage or on a drop cloth so it doesn’t ruin your interior floors. Also, take care to paint the entire piece of wood, including on the sides. This will be reflected in the mirror. Once it dries, touch up any areas that don’t look 100-percent flawless. Bathrooms are usually highly light spaces, and any little mistake could be glaringly obvious.

Glue the frame together. Use your wood glue to piece the frame together, making sure to get all sides flush and even. Let the glue dry a few hours before moving onto the next step. You want to be sure the frame is securely put together before attaching it to the wall.

Apply the paneling adhesive around the mirror. Press your frame into place, and use your level to make sure the frame is straight. You may need an extra set of hands to help with this step, depending on how large your mirror is. Hold it in place for about a minute to ensure the adhesive sticks.

Finally, apply caulk to any visible joints. If you spot any visible gaps where one piece of wood joins another, use caulk to fill it in and better secure your frame. Let it dry and paint over as needed. 

Your mirror frame is complete!

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