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Grand Prairie Fire Department Receives Perfect ISO Rating for the First Time

Apr 11, 2017 04:09PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Recently, the Grand Prairie Fire Department received a perfect ISO rating. Not only is this a great accomplishment for our local firefighters, it also means that Grand Prairie homeowners and local business owners may qualify to receive a lower insurance renewal rate. 

This is all very exciting for both the Fire Department and the city of Grand Prairie. We wanted to know a little but more about the importance and history of this rating, so we reached out to Media Relations Coordinator Claudia Garibay and asked her to fill us in.

Tell us a little bit about the ISO rating. Why is it important?  

An ISO rating is used by most insurance companies to predict and analyze risk when establishing insurance premiums. It also provides the Department with the opportunity to review existing processes, allowing us to improve and evolve as needed.

What factors do you think contributed to the great rating that the Grand Prairie Fire Department received? 

The improvement was in part contributed to the addition of Station 10, resource redeployment, and the new joint training center in Irving.

How will this affect the surrounding community (if at all)? 

As of April 1st, 2017, Grand Prairie homeowners and local business owners may qualify to receive a lower insurance renewal rate.

Is the Fire Department excited about this rating? 

It is a citywide accomplishment. We are very excited to be able to contribute to possible lower insurance rates for the citizens and business owners of Grand Prairie. We are also very proud of our staff for their dedication and commitment to provide the citizens of Grand Prairie with superior property fire protection.

Have they ever received this rating in the past?

This is the first time the Grand Prairie Fire Department receives an ISO 1 rating. In 2006, the Department received a 75.06 ISO 3 rating compared to this year’s score of 95.98 ISO 1 rating.

Is there anything else we should know? 

The Grand Prairie Fire Department is committed to continue its efforts to maintain the ISO 1 rating for years to come. 

For those individuals ready to renew their home/business insurance, it may be helpful to present a copy of the State Fire Marshal’s ISO 1 Rating approval letter to their insurance company. The letter can be found on our webpage at

The Department is also celebrating its 100th Anniversary! We will be celebrating with two open houses highlighting the Department’s history and accomplishments. 

The first event will take place on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Station 1 for all citizens, businesses, and elected officials located north of 303. The second event is scheduled for late summer/early fall at Station 10 for everyone located south of 303. 

Details will be posted soon on the Department’s webpage at and on Facebook @grandprairiefire.  

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