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Update Your Space with this DIY Chalkboard

Apr 29, 2017 12:00PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

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Spring is here! And that tends to mean Spring cleaning. However, why not focus on adding some fun DIY updates instead? 

We found this fun DIY chalkboard from The Frugal Homemaker and just had to share! 

1. Start with a thrift store frame.  

(The frame featured is a huge frame – 16×20 or even 18×24)

2. Prime the wood frame with some white primer.

"First I primed the wood frame with some white primer (just to make sure that the wood grain wouldn’t’ show through.)  I didn’t even bother to tape off anything because I knew I was going to paint over the glass in the frame."

 3. Find chalkboard paint.

"I decided to try this chalkboard paint from Michael’s.  It is with the craft paint and cost right at $1.  You can also buy chalkpaint in spray paint cans or in quart cans."

4. Paint right on top of the glass.

"I painted right on top of the glass with the paint.  2 light coats and let it dry overnight.  Then you have to cure the chalkboard paint (basically rub chalk all over the entire things.)"

5. Erase and use however you want!


To view the full detailed instructions, visit 
The Frugal Homemaker's website.

All content courtesy of 
The Frugal Homemaker.

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