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Expect to "Live Life Epic" at Grand Prairie's Upcoming Epic Waters Indoor Water Park

Aug 18, 2017 05:46PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is an 80,000 square foot indoor/outdoor water park with a retractable roof. It is set to open in Grand Prairie, Texas November 2017. 

This amazing structure is designed to appease not only children that enter, but their parents as well. Alongside incredible waterslides will be a bar and grill for all adults to enjoy. 

The waterpark will be located within walking distance of The Epic, a $75 million development project billed as the “finest recreation destination in all of America”, which will feature a recording studio, film-editing bays, a theater, an indoor adventure track, a cooking theater, a spa, and more.

Rick Coleman, Principal and Senior VP of Development and Operations for American Resort Management, is an expert in the field of water parks and recalls meeting the Grand Prairie team interested in building Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark. He was happy to jump on board with them to assist in fulfilling their vision. 

Coleman has worked with other cities in US and, when working with the Grand Prairie team, states that he has "never been around a group so forward-thinking. They've gone above and beyond with the planning and preparations, really aiming to make a waterpark for everybody."

But why Grand Prairie?

Grand Prairie's Mayor Ron Jensen has made it clear that he wants to continue efforts to make Grand Prairie a high class city. Epic Waters is anticipated to bring in more paying customers, and the hope is that the surrounding area will start booming. 

Coleman has previously toured other waterparks around the country, including a resort in North Vermont, which has a junior version of what Epic Waters will be. He realized it would be something that could not only be useful in Texas, but also needed.  

This project has been in the works for about 3 years. There is plenty of master planning and more involved in the entire process, according to Coleman.

Epic Details

The Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is set to always be 87 degrees inside. This is largely possible due to the retractable roof, which can adjust to the outside temperature accordingly.

"The roof is a crowd pleaser," Coleman informed us. "It's better on energy, easier on utilities, and you don't have to worry about air quality."

To please the adults also enjoying the water, there will be a full bar sitting inside one of the attractions.

As for the inside of Epic Waters, there will be an arcade similar to Dave & Busters. As part of the extensive multiple structure at The Epic, included are artist in residency programs, a small library, an amphitheater, and a recreation and fitness center to top it off. These are separate facilities that are on the same property as the waterpark.

Once The Epic opens, there will be a full schedule of activities all day for children and adults alike, such as making your own jewelry, and more. Also in the works is a playground that is scheduled to open in the spring. 

School groups will be able to take tours and day trips to show children how the waterpark runs efficiently, how the water is kept clean and safe, and how the park is run successfully. The information is important for school groups to learn. Specific curriculum days will also be held for schools to participate in.

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark wants to "teach them something and then let them play in the water."

According to Coleman, there is "nothing like it in America" when it comes to the overall attractions, slides, arcades, and overall space.  

Once the park has closed, it will be available for private events from 9:30pm - 2am.

Visitors can buy a membership or pay daily rates for both facilities.

Epic Goals

All of its success will be solely based around attendance numbers. The hope is to be a pillar of the community, with more stores opening around it, bringing additional residents to the area, and all around growth. The area where The Epic resides has plenty of land to expand on.

Coleman is always looking for the next opportunity, looking at special programs and events. The ultimate goal is to have The Epic and Epic Waters be community assets.

To keep up with the developments of both projects, click on the links below:

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