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Grand Prairie Memorial Library's Books & Brew Event Will Feature Division Brewery

Oct 04, 2017 06:06PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Courtesy of Division Brewery.

Division Brewery, located in Arlington, Texas, will be at the Grand Prairie Memorial Library to show off their unique beer and talk about the beer making process. And yes, they are bringing samples for everyone!

Taking place on October 6, 2017 at 7pm, this event is expected to have beer tasting and good times. 

We wanted to know about this delicious beer-tasting event, so we reached out to the library to get some answers. Ana Enriquez, Public Information Officer for the City of Grand Prairie, gave us all of the inside details. Read on to find out more. 

Tell us a little bit about the Books & Brew event. Has the library system done anything like this before?

This is our second Books and Brew program. We offer a series at the library titled Late Night at the Library for adults 21 or over where we offer a fun event with some sort of alcohol. This series has been very popular. November 10 we have Sip and Spell and December 8 we have Craft and Wine. 

What can someone expect while attending? 

Division Brewery will talk about different beers and they will offer samples for everyone in attendance.

Can anyone join? 

Any adult that is 21 or over is welcome to attend. They do not need to be a Grand Prairie resident to attend. The cost to attend is $5 per person, cash only.  

Is there something we should look forward to?

Sampling BEER!

Any requirements we need to know about?

Sign up is required, please email

Late Night at the Library Books and Brew - start Oct 06 2017 0700PM

Late Night at the Library: Books and Brew - Oct 06, 2017 7:00PM

Division Brewery will be at the library to show off their unique beer and talk about the beer making process. Yes, they are bringing samples for everyone! Registration for this event is r... Read More » 

Learn more by visiting the Grand Prairie Memorial Library's website

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