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Almost 90% of Keep Mansfield Beautiful’s Designated Streets Have Been Adopted

Nov 10, 2017 04:08PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

By Jan Hurlbut, KMB

A new, city-wide Adopt-A-Street initiative is growing strong.

The Keep Mansfield Beautiful organization’s “Love Your City” campaign replaced the former Adopt-A-Street program, which had fallen into disarray with the exponential growth of new streets and businesses.

KMB recognized the importance of updating this street program to keep in compliance with Mansfield’s Gold Star rating – the highest recognition by Keep Texas Beautiful, whose mission is to engage Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment.

KMB undertook the convoluted, tedious project of overhauling, revitalizing and launching a program of checks and balances to organize and motivate volunteer businesses and non-profits. Identifying new adoption streets, updating maps, reconnecting with old as well as creating new street sponsors and motivating all volunteers to long-term commitments was the tip of the iceberg.     

It’s like running a mini-city government complete with tons of paperwork, a KMB member observed, after countless board meetings devoted to getting the program refurbished. 

Accommodating, motivating and rewarding volunteers to cleanup adopted Mansfield streets three times a year was challenging: coordinating supply distribution (trash bags, vests, etc), trash dump facilitation, job completion verification, notification reminders, awards, and community awareness were just a few of the tasks.

Increased emphasis on volunteer recognition with awards, pictures and social media, and tighter communication from KMB’s Adopt-A-Street will keep the program running smoothly, noted Sharon Roberts of the KMB board.

And then there is the elephant in the room…new signs and supplies cost money.  Formerly Adopt-A-Street required only $40.00 per enrollment.  The cost, including new signs, customized sponsor name signs and supplies put the price at $120.00 for the initial two-year adoption and $45.00 renewal fees annually thereafter.

The majority feedback confirmed cost was more than reasonable.  However, for some non-profit groups who had the manpower to volunteer but not the money, KMB introduced and encouraged pairing up with business, short on manpower, but willing to sponsor financially.

Much sweat and grunge work has paid off.  Almost 90% of the designated streets have already been adopted.

It is going to be an exciting and active year for the new Adopt-A-Street program.  Everyone in Mansfield, including Mother Earth, will benefit.

Look for KMB’s Adopt-A-Street signs with their proud sponsor names as you drive around Mansfield, especially ones that say AVAILABLE- you might just want your name up there too!

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