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ProLearning Center Opens to Help Students Achieve Success

Apr 27, 2018 09:33AM ● By Lisa Drake

ProLearning Services is a local educational services center that specializes in working with students who have learning difficulties, including those with disabilities such as dyslexia. Co-owners Samantha Sneed-Echebelem and Rhonda Bell-Wallace are long-time educators dedicated to helping all students reach their academic potential through personalized programs. We wanted to find out more about them and what makes their facility unique.


Tell us a little about yourselves.

Samantha Sneed-Echebelem:

●     Born and raised in Springfield, IL but have lived in Texas since 2010.

●     Bachelor of arts in education, a masters in educational leadership and curriculum and instruction, and months away from a Ph.D. in Educational Administration. with a minor in reading from the University of North Texas.

●     Certified teacher and principal in the state of Texas.

●     Co-owner and reading specialist at ProLearning.


Rhonda Bell-Wallace

●     Native of Louisiana, but have resided in Texas since 2001.

●     BA in education and masters in Curriculum and Instruction: Reading

●     Certified teacher in grades 1-8 in both Louisiana and Texas.

●     Served as a teacher, campus literacy coach, district literacy specialist, and campus instructional coach.

●     Co-owner and reading specialist at ProLearning.


Why did you open ProLearning services and what are your goals?


 After working for over 10 years in title 1 schools with students who consistently struggled with learning, we knew a more prescriptive approach to learning was needed. Therefore we wrote a proposal to establish a partnership between Texas Wesleyan University and a public school district to design and maintain a reading clinic. From there, we recognized that this prescriptive approach to learning would benefit both students and families beyond the school day. Therefore, we opened ProLearning to provide families with additional academic opportunities for their children to experience success and growth based on their individual needs.


What services do you offer at ProLearning?

ProLearning is a learning center that offers both private and semi-private tailored instruction, in the areas of reading, math (K-6), writing, STAAR test prep, and dyslexia services.


How would someone know if their child(ren) might need diagnostic testing for a potential learning disability?

    Children who:

○      experience prolonged lack of success under normal circumstances

○      have a difficult time recalling information

○     are delayed academically in comparison to their peers, under normal circumstances

○     neglect to self-monitor as they read or call words accurately but can’t comprehend


Anything else you’d like to share with us?

We believe that ALL students should have access to a literate life and our goal is to provide the tools for their success.

ProLearning is offering Summer Specials to help your child catch up, keep up or stay ahead. Here's a flyer for more information. 

ProLearning is located at 7205 S. Cooper St., Ste.111, Arlington TX 76001.


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