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A Feast for the Eyes – Mansfield Welcomes New Visual Arts Group

 Mansfield is home to a plenitude of outstanding organizations that strive to support and model the community-oriented spirit of the city. The newly-formed Mansfield Art Association is no exception. This recent community addition was born from the desire of Mansfield resident Linda Roman to become more involved and is quickly finding its place in the landscape.

We wanted to know more about the Mansfield Art Association (MAA) and its president and founder, so we reached out to Linda Roman. Here’s what she had to say:

Linda Roman - photo courtesy MAA

 MM: Tell us a little about the Mansfield Art Association (MAA) and its mission.

Linda: The MAA is just getting started. Our desire is to help build Mansfield as a vibrant and diverse arts community. Our goal is to promote all the visual arts and artists in Mansfield through promotion, networking, training and sharing of skills. The MAA is an all-volunteer organization that is supported by membership fees, fundraisers, donations and sponsors.


MM: Tell us a little about yourself. Background/training/education.

Linda:   I retired from Houston ISD in 2003 after 27 years of teaching math.  I have a Bachelors degree in Education as well as a Master’s degree. I looked forward to retirement because I wanted to learn how to paint.  My first art workshop by a master painter was a disaster—I left crying and realized then what a challenge learning to paint was going to be.  For every painting that you see, and love, there are hours, days, and years of practice, education and skill development.  In other words, blood, sweat, and tears have been shed by every artist. I have attended workshops, taken lessons, and continue to take lessons.  Learning to paint is a process that involves dedication, discipline, and desire.  Every artist that you meet has these characteristics.  That is what is so great about having a Mansfield Art Association. I found Mansfield artists to be “hungry" for the opportunities provided by the MAA —for artists to connect with each other, learn new skills, share ideas and techniques, mentor each other, and provide encouragement. I especially appreciate how the Mansfield businesses are supporting us. 


MM: Who are some of the members of MAA and what are their specialties?

Linda: The group is still in its infancy – we had our first meeting in January – but we are growing quickly! We currently have 32 paid members.  Our members are oil painters as well as acrylic and water color, abstract and realist artists, photographers, digital artists, fabric artists, sculptors, collage artists, and even an artist who creates art with electricity.  Shocking, huh?


MM: Do you have a board of directors?

Linda: Yes! They are as follows:

  •  Linda Roman, President
  • Pepper Crary, Vice President
  • Dave Goodwin, 2nd Vice President
  •  Lisa Onvani, Treasurer
  • Terri Eagan, Secretary
  • We will also appoint 3 committee chairs in the near future


MM: What are the requirements for becoming a member of MAA?

Linda: Anyone over 16 can be a member.  There are no requirements.  Artists, art lovers, or anyone! Membership is $40 annually.  This membership opens many opportunities—Artist demo/presentation every month, a link on the MAA website to the artist’s website, future workshops, paint-outs and paint-ins.


MM: Do you have events or fundraisers planned for the organization?

Linda: We are in the fundraising planning stage now.  Workshops and an art show are being planned. Details about upcoming events will be made available on our website at and shared in the Mansfield Magazine Online Community Calendar, of course!


MM:  How can others get involved with MAA?

Linda: There are so many ways to participate. Join the organization, come to a meeting, attend and/or volunteer at upcoming events and fundraisers. The more the merrier!


The MAA just announced the Artist of the Month for January. To read more about the winners and where you can view their artwork, click this link.

Interested in being a part of the Mansfield Art Association? Contact Linda Roman at or visit

Be sure to follow Mansfield Art Association on Facebook.


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