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Summit High School Baseball Team Helps Homeless Beat the Heat

 Summit Baseball's mission is to raise as much water as possible to help our local homeless and families at the Arlington Life Shelter.

The summer heat will be here soon. As temperatures rise, so do the number of heat-related illnesses and even death due to heat stroke. Homeless men, women and children are at the highest risk because of their limited access to cool spaces, as well as the challenges of finding cold drinking water. Those with low or fixed incomes are also at risk. Many of them are forced to choose between eating or turning on their air conditioner. Food often wins out and in extreme heat a fan is simply not enough to keep someone cool. On days with heat advisory warnings, Arlington Life Shelter opens the facilities for extended hours to give guests respite from the heat. However, many guests need bottled water to take with them when they go out to look for employment and housing.

Help our team by donating cases of bottled water during our Water Drive from March 22 – April 5

Visit our Summit Baseball concession stand during games to securely drop off your water donations.  You may also plan with one of our Summit baseball players or coaches for drop off at practice. 

Don’t miss out on this water drive to help the homeless and local families.


For more information on how the Arlington Life Shelter helps families, visit their website here

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