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Fun and Creative Ideas of Things To Do While Sheltering In Place During COVID-19

Mar 26, 2020 02:54PM

Ruthie and Noah baked their own bread.

See what locals are doing while sheltering in place!

Whether it’s cleaning out that long overlooked storage closet or digging in to creative learning lessons for the kids, let's make some lemonade out of lemons. What are you and your family doing to make the most out of the situation? Show us what you got! 

Share your photos and the details with us - Contact Us - and we'll post them right here!

From Ruthie & Noah

They baked their own bread and in doing so they got a little science (watching the yeast activate and “grow”), math (coming up with different ways to measure out ingredients), and following directions in a step by step format. Afterwards, the kids wrote a “how to” paper on how to make bread!


Dessert Imposter - Spaghetti & Meatballs, From Julie and Erik C. 

Julie and Erik whipped up a tasty dessert treat inspired from the Kids Baking Championship show. "Our favorite project so far is our Dessert Imposter Spaghetti and Meatballs. It was a lot of fun and the brownies are some of the best we have ever made." Here are the recipes we used. 
For the "meatballs": 

For the "noodles":  We added vanilla extract and sugar.

For the "spaghetti sauce":  

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