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Eight Young Men from Mansfield Scout Troop 33 Earn Highest Rank Attainable in Scout Program

Eight young men from the Mansfield Troop 33 recently achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Since 1912, the Eagle Scout rank has continued to represent a milestone of achievement that is recognized across the country and beyond.

The Scout Law has 12 points to strive for. A scout is: Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. It’s not easy, but they just keep trying to be a little bit better every day.

Here’s a glimpse of these eight outstanding young men in our community…


Bryce Beeson is a
sophomore at Lake Ridge
High School. Bryce enjoys
playing baseball and is on
his high school team. He’s
an all-around amazing

 Jonah DeRosier is a
sophomore who played
percussion in the LRHS
Marching Band before a
recent move to Houston,
TX. Jonah is an avid
golfer, plays the piano,
violin, and loves

Brett Scoresby is a
sophomore at Mansfield
High School. He enjoys
hiking, snowboarding, jet
skiing, video games,
music, traveling, camping,
archery & spending time
with his family and friends.

Lance Boseman is a
freshman at Lake Ridge
High School. He’s a great
student who loves playing
the drums, snakes,
skateboarding, and
computers. In fact, he’s
currently building his own

Collin Overby is a
freshman at Lake Ridge
High School. Collin is a 4.0
student and loves to sing
in the choir. He is a
referee for MSA soccer,
and he enjoys playing
video games, swimming,
camping, hiking, and
being outdoors.

 Andrew Smith is a senior at
Timberview High School.
He’s been a wolf at heart
his whole life! He grew up
on the sidelines of
Timberview football since
the school first opened,
watching his dad work as
an athletic trainer.
Andrew is looking forward
to college where he’d like
to study finance and
computer programming.

 Austin Turner is a junior at
LRHS. Austin plays the
sousaphone in the Eagle
Marching Band. He
worked at Cement Colors
during the summer months
and enjoyed spending
time with his 4 brothers
during quarantine. He
and his brother Jackson
worked hard to earn their
Eagle Awards at the same

 Jackson Turner graduated
Cum Laude from Lake
Ridge High School in 2020.
He marched with the
Eagle Band for 4 years
and has worked at Market
Street since it’s opening.
He is currently attending
Brigham Young University
Idaho and plans to serve
a 2 year mission for The
Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints in the
near future.

While the boys have had many great leaders along the trail to becoming an Eagle Scout, their most recent leaders are Shelby Boseman, Richard Eldredge and Jeremy Turner. All three leaders also had sons in the troop, which made the journey even better. For the last few years, these men have spent hundreds of hours planning weekly activities, monthly camp outs, community service projects, and a yearly High Adventure Camp. The troop also participated in local Merit Badge Colleges,
volunteered at Mission Arlington and served with hurricane relief groups.

Some of the skills and life lessons included canoeing, shooting, archery, first aid, survival, nutrition, service, safety, jet skiing, zip lining, boating, backpacking and much more. One of their favorite activities was the 2019 “50-Miler”; a week-long backpacking trip in the Santa Fe mountains of New Mexico.  
The Mansfield 3rd Ward LDS Troop 33 has consisted of many other youth in Mansfield as well; young men ages 11-18 who have learned how to set and reach goals, serve in the community, and honor God and country.

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