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Enemies of Success---Enemy #1 Approval Addiction

We all want approval. We long for admiration, a pat on the back, a nudge or a wink that tells us we have done something right. The odd thing is that approval is a drug. It lures us in with a rush that is fleeting. We start chasing the rush and can lose our dreams and ourselves if we aren't careful.

Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday--Team Up with The Green Hulk

The holidays are upon us and anyone who has ever traveled during this time of year knows it can be a nightmare and a one-way ticket to Fluville. As the weather outside gets colder, homes, restaurants, and businesses crank up the heat. Add in stress, traffic, and a dash of delayed flights and we have the perfect environment for a virus or bacterial infection to take hold. The holidays are supposed to be the highlight of the year, so invest in your health.

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