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Get to Know Mansfield Magazine This Holiday Season!

Get to know the staff of Mansfield Magazine and a few things they like to do during the holiday season.

Mansfield Magazine Podcast: Episode 2

The 2014 NFL Draft is here, how can you watch it with your spouse and not get completely bored? That and we take the Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks to task.

Success Comes...Just Beyond "The Dip"

If we need constant outside encouragement, we won't last in this business (or any other). Sometimes we need to keep pressing when everything in us tells us to give up, when every friend we have thinks we're nuts.

My Cats are Totally FIRED!

So yesterday, Hubby goes to move a blanket and a tiny field mouse comes running out. What do my cats do? They stand and WATCH.

Bloody Mary, Snow Cones, and Slip & Slides---Why Summer Vacation is the Secret to World Peace

Yeah, NOTHING was childproof. All the playground equipment was heavy-duty industrial steel, and you couldn't play on it unless your tetanus shot was up to date. And back then little girls actually wore dresses, so the first sucker kid down the slide usually suffered second degree burns down the backs of her thighs.

Sizzling Summer - May/Jun Issue of Mansfield Magazine

The May/June Summer Issue is hot off the press! Check out what we've served up!

Enemies of Success---Enemy #1 Approval Addiction

We all want approval. We long for admiration, a pat on the back, a nudge or a wink that tells us we have done something right. The odd thing is that approval is a drug. It lures us in with a rush that is fleeting. We start chasing the rush and can lose our dreams and ourselves if we aren't careful.

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