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Heritage Baptist Church

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This church is led by the most heinous people I have ever met. The hypocrisy is pungent upon entry into this horrifying place. Larry Vincent, Steve Garrick, and Jarrett Downs are unfit to lead a church. The pastors think they are god and have covered up multiple instances of child molestation and blamed the victims for the crimes. When church members go through a divorce, they are subject to public humiliation, but when the lead pastor’s son in law has an affair with a much younger woman, it is dealt with secretly with the family of the young woman being forced to leave the church. Matter of fact, that son inlaw is now a pastor at this church. The entire church is higher than thou, homeschooling families with no social skills. If you are a visitor at the church, do not expect anyone to speak to you, because this is the snobbiest and most judgemenal place is have ever known. I lost 12 years of my life by being forced to attend this dreadful place, and I hope no one else has the misfortune of setting foot into this building. My own sister was sexually assaulted by an adult while my family attended, and the pastors covered it up and failed to report it to authorities. Here is a link to her story: If you are reading this and have any questions, please email me at and I would be happy to discuss how damaging this church has been on the lives of so many people.

April 21, 2018

The pastors, Larry Vincent, Steve Garrick, and Jarrett Downs covered up the sexual assault of young girls from an adult man. Despicable and vile! They shamed the victims into silence and made the girls believe it was their fault. This is a truly terrible church. Stay far away from this church! It truly is a cult where you are never allowed to question leadership without being shunned and kicked out of the church. Here is an article covered by the Fort Worth Star Telegram

April 21, 2018