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Crunchy Boutique

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1010 North Davis Drive
Arlington, TX 76012

(682) 323-5806

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Founded 2017

Crunchy Boutique is the brainchild of Keema Echols and Lauren Cain. Lauren was led to natural parenting upon finding out that she was pregnant with her now infant son. Lauren planned a home water birth, she cloth diapers her son, exclusively breastfeeds him, chose a holistic pediatrician for her son, and is gearing up to begin baby led weaning once her infant is of age. All of these were choices were made before even knowing what "crunchy" meant. Lauren was crunchy without even knowing it!

Keema Echols, Lauren Cain's mom, is a certified crunchy mom turned crunchy grandma. She has leaned toward the crunchy life even when Lauren and her brother were children. She made sure that they mainly ate organic and healthy food--limiting junk food as much as possible. In recent years, she has taken it a step further by using essential oils for everything from diffusers to lotions and other products. She has also eliminated plastic use from almost every area of her life, she no longer uses paper towels, and she makes her own laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, and other household cleaners.

Both Keema and Lauren are truly passionate about this lifestyle and want to share it with the world. Through Crunchy Boutique they are able to do just that. The products offered at the store and online are completely natural and free of toxins. These are products that they not only sell, but use personally as well.

Crunchy Boutique's mission is to provide a store in which parents can confidently walk in and know that all of the products that they see are safe for baby, of good quality, and reasonably priced.