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Averting CAT-astrophe, inc

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Founded 2014

We are always in need of local foster families! Must have transportation, be reliable, and have a love for kitties! Email us at if you would like to join Team ACat!

Averting CAT-astrophe (ACat) is a 501c3 cat rescue group consisting entirely of volunteers. Averting CAT-astrophe is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of cats/kittens as well as public education regarding proper care and the importance of spay/neuter in battling the escalating overpopulation problem.

We are focused primarily on saving cats/kittens from euthanasia at local shelters in the DFW area.

Our kitties are available for adoption inside the Mansfield Petco AND the Mansfield PetSmart.


Averting CAT-astrophe is a great group of men and women . They save the cats and kittens most turn their backs on. They also give back to the local community, helped replace a families pet after they were killed in a fire , adopt a local family at Christmas and spoiled them . Donated blankets to forgotten seniors in a nursing home. The price of adoption is $65 for 1 cat and $100 for two The cats are fixed shots update and litter trained . Theses volunteers truly care about these furry lives. I have adopted two cats from this group and encourage others too as well. Now also volunteer such a great feeling to help save a life watch a frighten scared shelter cat see and feel love and help them trust again and go on to their forever home . Cats are not the only animals they save the have guinea pigs and some dogs as well. They host adoption events every Saturday out Mansfeild Petco and Mansfeild Petsmart.

Submitted on March 12, 2017

Averting CAT-astrophe is such an amazing group of caring men and women who dedicate themselves to helping the cats and kittens who need to it most. The cats and kittens on euthanasia lost from local shelters. They focus on saving, rehabilitating (if needed), spray/neuter, vaccinating, rehoming, educating the public and giving back to the local community. They save hubdred of lives each year but they can't do it alone. They run solely based on volunteers. They have expanded this year to two locations Petsmart and Petco in Mansfield, TX. I personally have helped with transportation of cats and kittens, fostering, cleaning of condos, Facebook page, and fundraising. They have so many ways you can help make a difference.

Service on Dec 03

Averting CAT-astrophe is a great organization! Not only does it save cats that are on a euthanasia list at local shelters, but it gives those cats a second chance at finding a forever home- and not just anyhome, but one that fits that specific cats needs. They have a great group of volunteers who help by cleaning and socializing the animals on display, as well as an exemplary group of people who are able to foster the cats. They people associated with Averting CAT-astrophe are knowledgeable and passionate towards the cause.

Submitted on March 12, 2017