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The Pavilion at Creekwood

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2100 Cannon Drive
Mansfield, TX 76063


My mother was a patient at this facility in June 2016. She was unable to ambulate or maneuver her body around, so it was known that she needed help turning at least every two hours. That is the nursing standard and pressure ulcer prevention. I'm not just speaking from reading online, I'm actually a registered nurse. She also fell while being assisted by an inappropriately low number of staff members. It was known that she required 2 people to help her ambulate and move and only 1 was available due to understaffing. I met with the director of nursing, director of respiratory therapy, and my mother': social worker after noticing that there were many things not being done to care for her including turning her. We had an hour long conversation and I was told by the DoN to contact her for any needs. My mom eventually was transferred from this facility to a hospital. My mother made me promise I wouldn't send her back to the Pavilion at Creekwood. When I asked why, she said there was a nurse that was very rough with her and disrespectful. Naturally, I called the DoN about this, stated my concerns, and she assured me she would talk to the staff member and let me know what came of it. That was the last time I heard from her, which was in July. I have since called her and left 3 messages trying to contact her to discuss what could have been done to respectfully, holistically, and medically taken care of my mother, as no one deserves poor treatment. Due to the MRSA infection and the pressure ulcer she acquired, her bloodstream became infected with MRSA. This was directly acquired from this facility. Unfortunately, the infection could not be controlled with any antibiotics and in October she eventually died of a MRSA infection that caused severe encephalopathy and brain death. I called the DoN one last time and told her this and that I truly wanted to avoid litigation and I needed to discuss my mother's medical record and untimely death. Wouldn't you guess, still no call back. Whether that's due to disrespect or forgetting, I feel at the very least I deserve something. Think twice about putting your loved ones here. I didn't because they talked the talk and it was a beautiful place that came recommended from a provider where my mom was transferred from. Unfortunately, they couldn't walk the walk, not at all.

December 01, 2016

My mother came here for rehab after an extended hospital stay. Due to some lingering medical issues, she was not able to participate in rehab, but this did not prevent the Pavilion from keeping her for her total number of days paid for by insurance. Then they gave me 1 1/2 days notice they were discharging her--on the weekend when there would be no support services available. On discharge, home health was not set up for 5 days, and the equipment I needed to take my non-ambulatory mother home was not arranged, either. Despite several calls to the discharge person (who had made a big deal of telling me not to worry that's what she was there for), the wheelchair NEVER arrived. She was also discharged in a totally altered mental state (after being that way for quite a while), and I was told that might be her "new normal," though when I took her back to the ER, they had her back to lucidity within 1 1/2 days. The huge collection of drugs she was on and released with was mind-boggling--and mostly ineffective. Doctors told me on two occasions they would test to see whether an infection that she had arrived with had cleared up but never did; finally just before discharge they took the sample in my presence, but **surprise!** no results, and no record of it in the computer or lab book. Add this to the fact that I had to ask and ask and ask to find out what was going on, I on several occasions had to update the nurses and/or doctors about changes in medications or her status that didn't get passed on from one to another, and was told things that didn't turn out to be the case, I think I can fairly say that the lack of adequate communication in this place could be dangerous. My mother had a couple of great nurses, and one really wonderful aide; they were the only bright spots in the horrible 3 weeks she spent here.

December 28, 2017