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Community Game Night

Game nights are a great time to hang out and play or learn some new games. Sockmonkey Junction has a collection of demo games that can be borrowed for the evening or you can bring your own. But game night isn't simply about playing a game. Gaming, by nature, leads to community. We come to play, but in the mean time we also learn about one another - and when we learn about one another, it is human nature to begin to care. And caring is what naturally builds community. So, as always, everyone is welcome. Never played? No problem, we'd love to help you find something you'll enjoy. You can bring a game of your own or use the store demos. I'll also have various games from my own collection. Tables are available by 6 (possibly earlier) and we'll be here until the gaming is done. Can't make it by 6? No problem! As long as someone is here by 7, we'll keep the store open for gaming until you're done. Refreshments are welcome, but please be reasonable. Sockmonkey Junction will also have a limited supply of water and canned drinks available for sale
Date & Time
  • February 23, 2018
  • 6:00PM - 8:00PM
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