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DFW NORML's January Meeting

Dallas/Fort Worth NORML is an educational organization dedicated to legalizing marijuana in Texas. We recognize that cannabis prohibition is bad for Texas, and we support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, responsible adult use, and the production of industrial hemp. We are a registered Texas non-profit organization, which means that all of the money we raise goes toward furthering the cause of legalization. DFW NORML receives nearly all of its funding from our members, which means that without our loyal supporters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we wouldn’t be here. We have monthly meetings that are open to the public, and we sponsor various events around the metroplex on a regular basis. We do not condone illegal activities. Rather, we aim to influence public opinion to the degree that the repeal of marijuana prohibition is inevitable, and the responsible use of cannabis by adults will no longer be considered a crime. We neither purchase nor sell marijuana or any other illegal drug. It is illegal to buy, sell or own any amount of marijuana in Texas. Every request we receive asking us to participate in illegal activity takes resources away from our fight to change the laws. If you are interested in joining the fight, contact us. We are DFW NORML, and we are ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time. If you have any questions about our organization or about what we do contact us.

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