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Mansfield CONNECTS at the THE CHAMBER!

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To be a “super connector” is to be those who are the movers and shakers so well connected they can make things happen with a single phone call. They’re the people making high-level connections, colliding business worlds, and building empires with a simple introduction.

Super connectors are known both inside and outside their industries and their magnetism attracts ever more contacts to fill up their digital and social Rolodexes.

It’s about having a sincere desire to help your network and connect great people together, with no direct benefit for yourself.

We will challenge you to:

 Give and serve without selling or promoting themselves and without expectation for receiving anything in return

 To be inquisitive of every contact and focus on learning about them and their needs

 To properly fill their toolbox with skilled professionals as resources

 To make introductions based on the needs of both parties

Mansfield CONNECTS is all about connecting people.

Come end your day with us and we'll learn together how to connect people as well as put it to practice.

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