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Danni & Kris

Danni & Kris are a dynamic duo hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. The two very different yet very similar best friends joined forces together to create a new musical project formed around acoustic melodies, story telling lyrics, and harmonies that make your heart melt. Danni & Kris began writing music together simply for the fun of it. Many days and nights they spent together were sitting on the floor with their guitars, talking about life, love, and even the strange or funny things that happen when you’re dating in your early 20’s. All of these stories eventually turned into songs, after digging deep down to harness that emotion and put it into words melodically so others could enjoy the story with them. They began writing about anything and everything from wishing they were kids again, to the joys of finding someone new to love, to even poking fun at themselves writing about the boys who never paid attention to them as heard in “Brand New Boyfriend”. Water, soda, beer and wine will be available for purchase from El Primo’s, The LOT Downtown exclusive beverage vendor.
Date & Time
  • October 29, 2016
  • 7:00PM - 10:00PM

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